Dell Optiplex 7010 Business Desktop Computer

For this machine (Dell 7010), I will begin by saying these are very good machines. Originally came with Windows 7 Pro as they are workstations. They have upgraded (apparently by the seller) to Windows 10 Pro, a larger 2 TB hard drive, and as stated, 16GB DDR3 memory. All seems good, right? Wrong!

First off. I don’t know if the seller is licensed and certified Microsoft refurbisher. My first guess is no. On the description sheet that comes with it, it is stated that the COA (Certificate of Authenticity) is on the outside of the unit. In fact, it is non-existent. As a certified Microsoft refurbisher, this is mandatory.

Secondly, memory. While it says 16GB, and you do get 16GB, it just doesn’t work. There are 4 DIMM slots for memory in these machines and 3 are in use. 2 have 2 sticks of 4GB and 1 has 1 stick of 8GB. Well, this setup will not work and will not POST the machine – no video. The reason is is that these machines will not work with 3 DIMM slots in use as it is considered dual-channel mode and must have all DIMM slots filled (if using more than 2 memory sticks) to work properly.

Also, with the memory and the 3 sticks included. All 3 were of different brands. I had a Hynix, Crucial, and one that had no brand at all. And on top of that, the 8GB stick didn’t even work. It was dead. So in that regard, the seller owes me either 1 8GB stick or two 4GB sticks.

Thirdly, cosmetics. On the exterior, I would give it a grade B, and that’s being generous. It was packaged well so credit for that. But on the interior, it was disgusting. For one, to an untrained eye, you would not notice the loose screw that was rattling around and could have caused a dead short. The amount of dust was abundant but no match for the shop vac.

All in all, the computer does work… now, since I fixed it.

Installing software that is not needed was the VLC player, Java 8, CCleaner, and Open Office. While some may appreciate that, it’s best left up to the buyer to install those if they wanted to.

As for installed software that never came with the unit when it was new, or should have NEVER been installed was 2 things. Mind you, this has a CPU with onboard graphics, so there was no reason to have BOTH AMD and NVidia graphics drivers installed.

As far as value, in my opinion, this unit was nowhere near worth the $240. On a good day, may half that. I purchased for a business client and thought that for the price, it would be worth it. But in the end, I feel I got burned.

As a final note, in my unit, it would not keep the bios settings nor the date and time. Only after finding out the CMOS battery was dead, I replaced it with a new one and that solved that issue.

If the seller would like to have a professional one on one discussion about this, I would be happy to do so. However, on the basis outlined above, it is my recommendation that if you’re looking for a refurb unit, look elsewhere.

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