The Age of Technology

From the time you are born until the day you die one thing will remain constant and that is the progress of technology. Every day there is something new brought into our world. Whether it be a revision of old technology or just a new discovery, it doesn¹t matter, there is always progress. Today we live in a culture where technology has affected everything. Technology has come in to play a role in religion, science, and even the imitation of humankind. Today it is hard to find one thing that technology does not play a role in. With technology, there is always progress and until the end of time, it will always be in motion.

Recently, I have had to do some research concerning the progress of technology and…show more content…
In conclusion, Technopoly is an anti-technological piece of work. Postman, in detail, gives both his positive and negative views of technology. To a great extent, I believe very much the same way that Mr. Postman believes. He believes that there are more cons to technology than pros. I, like Mr. Postman, believe that the underlying power of technology deceptively has the potential to destroy the culture of humankind. Today it is too easy to be taken by all the conveniences technology has to offer. Society is always looking for a faster and better way of doing things. In the process, they are veiled to see that they are trading their human culture for that of the technological.

For the past century, there has been a strong tide of technology. Gradually, it has begun to overtake the function of humankind. A man started to become more dependent on inventions such as the telescope or computers rather than on our fellow workers and beliefs. We have begun to mover farther and farther away from our human culture and turning to a technological culture.

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